Who will be eligible for the remote patient monitoring (RPM) services?

For your patients to be eligible for the RPM services, they must meet several criteria as follows

  1. Patients must have at least one chronic condition or an acute illness/condition

  2. Patients must have active Medicare or have a commercial plan that covers RPM services.

All Medicare Part B services (RPM is a Part B service) include a 20% copay. Billing practitioners are required to bill patients a 20% copay for any part B services.

Patients may have secondary insurance that picks up this copay so they don’t have to pay out of pocket for RPM services.

3. Patients must be established patients of the billing physician or qualified Non Physician Practitioner (NPP).

One thing worth of attention is that only a single practitioner can bill RPM services during a 30 day period.

If you think your patients are willing and able to take their own vitals and navigate a super-simple mobile app on a smartphone, they are good to go. If you have further questions, our marketing team is ready and at your service.