My patient said they took a measurement, but I can't see it.

First, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser when viewing patient generated health data from our web-based dashboard. All browsers support our KardioPAC dashboard but we have found Google Chrome to work the best. When you have received word from a patient notifying you they have recorded a vital measurement, that data should appear almost immediately. If you do not see it on your phone app or on your web-based dashboard please refresh the page.

  • To refresh the page on your smartphone app tap on the patient you want to view, tap on "vitals", press your finger on the screen and pull down which will pop up a loading symbol. This will fetch any data that is waiting in the cloud.

  • To refresh the page on your web-based dashboard, click on refresh icon in your URL banner. This will fetch any data in the cloud.

If you continue to have problems with visualizing data that has been reported please reach out to our customer service team.