As a billing specialist, how and when do to pull the billing reports?

By using your log in credentials to view the KardioPAC web-based dashboard, you can click on the billing tab to see an overview of the patients enrolled in your organization's RPM program. Once all requirements have been met to bill for an RPM related code for an individual patient, you will see a check mark in the eligible column. However, a check mark does not mean the report has been generated and is ready to be downloaded. The report will only be generated once 1) the patient requirements have been met and 2) the billing cycle for that code has finished.

  • For the recurring time-based billing codes 99457/99458, the reports will be generated at the first day of every month if eligible. For these codes, we suggest a billing specialist to check on the status of these codes for all their patients the first of every month.

  • For the recurring billing code 99454, the report will be generated once the 30 day billing cycle has finished (If a patient starts in the middle of the month then the billing cycle will end in the middle of the next month). For timely billing of this code we suggest regularly checking for newly generated reports for patients, as a new 99454 report could be generated every day if a provider has enough patients.

  • For the one-time billing code 99453, the report will be generated once the 30 day billing cycle has finished. Similar to the 99454 code, we suggest the billing manager to check for newly generated reports for this code on a regular basis.

Note: The billing report can only be downloaded after it has been generated.