Our Team

KJ Yang
  • UCSD Ph.D

  • 10+ year in Qualcomm

  • Full scholarship from Qualcomm

  • Angel investor on healthcare segment

May-chan Martin-Kuo
  • USC Ph.D.

  • 16 years in commercializing computationally demanding algorithms with computer architecture designs in mind

  • 7 years on several leadership roles

  • Specialize in Deep learning, Machine Learning for visual and medical applications

Alvin Hsu
  • UCSD Bio-informatics

  • 6+ years in IBM Watson Health

  • Expert in EMR/EHR and bio-informatics

CMO (medical)
Kurt Chu
  • NTU (National Taiwan University) MD

  • 20+ years of health data analytics

  • Expert in preventive care modeling

VP of Medical Info 
M. T. Tsai
  • NTU MD, 10+ years experienced ER physician

  • Expert in healthcare informatics and data analytics interventions

Director of Biomedical Signal Processing
CH Lee
  • NTU PhD on biosensor design

  • 10+ years experience on medical device design with FDA clearance

Data Magician
Douglas Chen
  • UCLA Mathematics

  • Graduated with honor

Jacky Hui

  • Cybersecurity guru

  • Expert on HIPPA, FHIR, blockchain

Business Development 
Jake Bramwell
  • Brigham Young University Sociology

  • Masters Candidate in Public Health

  • Former Director of Business Development for Skilled Nursing Facility

UI Design & Media
Jenny Liu
  • UCSD Visual Arts Media

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Health App UI design